The gold experience The luxury Ivana Ciabatti brand has a unique character; it is an expression of quality and Italian excellence. Inspired by a love for the splendour and cultural renewal typical of the Renaissance, Ivana Ciabatti selects the best Italian craft products, made by skilled traditional artisans. Ivana Ciabatti has created a line of unique products embellished with edible gold leaf, illuminating contemporary luxury and travelling between beauty and emotions along the path of ethics and social responsibility.

Aromatic and rounded, agreeable and balanced

Ivana Ciabatti’s Lounge Edition was created with the fascinating world of the mixologist and its suffused atmospheres in mind. Vodka is an essential ingredient for barmen all over the world who want to arouse unique emotions. Very pure Tuscan water, natural flavourings and 100% Tuscan cereals, revisit the original recipeand transform it into a luxury, slightly fruity liqueur, to be drunk neat or as a base for cocktails, embellished with edible gold leaf.

Ingredients: Very pure, neutral alcohol obtained from the best Tuscan cereals, pure Tuscan spring water and sugar.

A refined, pleasant and intense taste

Ivana Ciabatti’s Lounge Edition gin is a sophisticated, natural liqueur, created for the suffused atmosphere of the bartender and mixologist’s world. Lounge gin is a mix of 100% Tuscan juniper berries, cereals and ten plants including pepper, cardamom and Melissa; embellished by edible gold leaf it can be enjoyed neat or as a base for cocktails. The floral patterned bottle provides a touch of refined, fashionable design.

Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Sugar, Juniper, Pepper, Cardamom, Cumin, Bitter Orange, Ireos, Salvia Sclarea, Angelica Root, Melissa, Romano Wormwood.

Gold Taste Gift Box Available 20cl La Gin, 20cl La Vodka

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